Dennis Sosnovske, M.D.



  • Pathology Interests: anatomical pathology
  • Interests Outside of Pathology: While interviewing, I was described as having one of the most eclectic batch of interests that many interviewers encountered. I dabble in a wide variety of activities ranging from creating stained glass windows, woodworking, gardening, to home remodeling, and trying to perfect my caramel recipe. I am SCUBA certified and try not to breathe too much water when I lap swim for exercise. I had to give up my saltwater reef that I had for 15 years before I started medical school; my hope is to get it started again soon. My reading interests include science fiction and fantasy. I love to spend time with my wife and two grown children.

Why I enjoy the pathology program at UNM

I wanted to come to UNM because of the friendliness of the residents on interview day. I felt like they were truly interested in making me feel welcome. The program’s focus on education was appealing to me, being a former High School teacher. The variety of fellowships that are available to graduates of the program also is very appealing. I am excited about the opportunities to explore all that Pathology has to offer and make a decision on the fellowship that I wish to explore.

photo of Sosnovske

Education Information

Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
University of New Mexico School of Medicine
Albuquerque, NM

Medical School:
Oregon Health & Science University
Portland, OR

Undergraduate Education:
B.S. in Biology and MS in Education
Southern Oregon State College/Southern Oregon University
Ashland, OR


  • Schreiber MA, McCully BH, Holcomb JB, Robinson BR, Minei JP, Stewart R, Kiraly L, Gordon NT, Martin DT, Rick EA, Dean RK, Wiles C, Anderson N, Sosnovske D, Houser B, Lape D, Cotton B, Gomaa D, Cripps MW, DeRosa M, Underwood SJ. Transfusion of cryopreserved packed red blood cells is safe and effective after trauma: a prospective randomized trial. Annals of Surgery. 2015;262(3):426–432. doi: 10.1097/sla.0000000000001404.