the neumann laboratory
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UNM Programs

The New Mexico Center for the Spatiotemporal Modeling of Cell Signaling (STMC)

The New Mexico Cancer Nanoscience and Microsystems Training Center (CNTC)

The UNM Nanoscience and Microsystems Engineering Program (NSME)

The UNM Biomedical Science Graduate Program (BSGP)

UNM HSC Postdoc page

The UNM Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC)

The UNM Center for Molecular Discovery


David Williams & Michael Kruppa, East Tennessee State University

Anatoliy Pinchuk & Kathrin Spendier, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Michael Wester & Stanly Steinberg, UNM Mathematics

Keith Lidke, UNM Physics and Astronomy

Jeri Timlin, Sandia National Laboratories

David Whitten, UNM Chemical and Biological Engineering

Linnea Ista, UNM Center for Biomedical Engineering

Thomas Howdieshell, UNM Surgery

Karissa Culbreath, UNM Pathology & Tricore Reference Laboratories