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Understanding and modeling T cell migration in living tissues

To define the types of motion taken by T cells in living tissues, we are using cutting edge 2 photon imaging techniques to visualize T cell movement in intact tissues including lymph nodes and lung. We use a combination of flow cytometry, and 2-photon microscopy to visualize the movement of T cells in living tissue from mice. We are also collaborating with computer scientists to model how the behavior of T cells within lymph nodes affect immune responses.

Migration of leukemic cells in an in vivo model of T cell - Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (T-ALL)

Interestingly, the same signals that drive T cell migration are shared by leukemia cells for metastasis. In collaboration with pediatric oncologists at UNM, we have begun to study whether the same pathways that govern normal T cell migration may also play a role in leukemia cell metastasis. These studies will allow us to understand whether leukemias of T cell origin such as T-ALL share common signaling pathways to migrate and metastasize, providing new insight into potential therapeutic targets to control T-ALL metastasis.

Cannon Laboratory
Cannon Laboratory