Czuchlewski and Reynolds awarded UNM SOM Curriculum Committee teaching awards

December 18, 2019 - Department of Pathology

Two faculty members, Sam Reynolds and David Czuchlewski, were just awarded UNM SOM Curriculum Committee teaching awards for Excellence in Phase I Teaching.

The Curriculum Committee of the SOM is a diverse body of faculty, students, and staff charged with the oversight of the medical school curriculum. We have the duty and privilege of reviewing and evaluating courses, clerkships, and medical student evaluations of the curriculum and the faculty involved in designing and implementing the curriculum. In order to recognize the contributions and excellence of our educators, this year we utilized Phase I and Phase II Student Evaluations from 2018-2019 to select the awardees based on the questions listed below. The faculty with the overall most number of citations by students received the awards for Phase I. The awardees were selected based upon the most number of citations per clerkship for Phase II in the categories of exceptional teaching and also exceptional professionalism. When the awards were presented at the ceremony, the awardees were given a copy of the glowing student comments.