New Residents

April 21, 2017 - Department of Pathology

photo of Crosbie

Robert Crosbie, B.A., M.P.H.

Robert Crosbie is currently completing his medical degree at the University of Utah, where he also received his undergraduate degree in Biology and a Master’s degree in Public Health. In conjunction with his medical degree, he is working with Dr. Angelica Putnam to determine whether the lysine-specific histone demethylase LSD2 is abnormally expressed in pediatric solid tumors. His interest in research has allowed him to present posters at USCAP and the Undergraduate Research Symposium in Salt Lake City, UT. In addition to his research interests, Robert enjoys playing tennis and following the professional tours, gardening and horticulture, and speaks fluent Portuguese.

photo of Harrell

Michael Harrell, M.D.

Dr. Michael Harrell is joining us from Loma Linda University Medical Center. He received his medical degree from Case Western University School of Medicine and his bachelor of science degree in Biotechnology from California State Polytechnic University. In addition to his medical career, Dr. Harrell has an extensive technological background, which has encouraged his work as the Basic Science Content Expert for UWorld, a leading USMLE preparation company. Because of his enthusiasm for technology, he enjoys the components of computer hardware and video games. In addition to technology, in his free time he loves to grill and snowboard.

photo of Ricciardo

Sean Ricciardo, M.B., B.S.

Dr. Sean Ricciardo is making a major continental move to New Mexico from the beautiful country of Australia. His medical degree was achieved at the University of Western Australia Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences. Over the past few years, Dr. Ricciardo has received Anatomic Pathology training at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to his training, he has conducted research and recently had the opportunity to present his research poster at the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia on Intravascular large b-cell lymphoma diagnosed at autopsy. Dr. Ricciardo has many talents that include the ability to speak five languages, play the piano, and bass guitar.

photo of Sosnovske

Dennis Sosnovske, B.S., M.S.

Dennis Sosnovske is currently completing his Medical Degree at the Oregon Health and Science University, School of Medicine. He received his undergraduate and Master’s degrees from Southern Oregon State College, where he studied Biology and Education. He then went on to teach science for several years in Oregon and achieved numerous teaching awards. During his time in medical school, his research Transfusion of cryopreserved packed red blood cells is safe and effective after trauma: a prospective randomized trial was published in the Annals of Surgery. In his free time, Dennis enjoys creating stained glass windows, making caramel, and SCUBA diving.

photo of Suddock

Jolee Suddock, B.S.

Jolee Suddock is currently finishing her Osteopathic Medicine degree this semester at Oklahoma State University, College of Osteopathic Medicine. Her undergraduate degree in Biology and Forensic Science, from the University of Central Oklahoma, provided her exposure to Forensic Pathology. During her time as an undergraduate, she assisted on research with a Forensic DNA Examiner with fluorescent microscopy to extract DNA at the tissue level. In her free time, Jolee enjoys spending time with her family, reading, riding horses, traveling, painting, and playing board games.