2015 Faculty Award for Resident Teaching and Resident's Prize for Excellence Announced

June 15, 2015 - Department of Pathology

Devon Chabot-Richards


Dr. Devon Chabot-Richards Awarded the 2015 Faculty Award for Resident Teaching

This award is organized by the residents and is based on the value they place on the efforts to educate them in Pathology. Dr. Chabot-Richards was selected on the basis of her devotion to teaching, educational skills, and her generosity in her efforts to teach difficult subjects.

Kacy Krehbiel


Dr. Kacy Krehbiel Awarded the 2015 Pathology Resident’s Prize for Excellence

Dr. Krehbiel has been select by the Pathology Teaching Faculty for her high quality patient care activities, excellent medical knowledge, demonstration of practice-based learning, superior communication skills, professionalism, and understanding of systems-based practice.