2013 UNM Pathology Department Awards for Resident Leadership and Faculty Teaching

April 18, 2013 - Department of Pathology

The Department of Pathology has named its selections for the Annual Resident Leadership Award and the Faculty Teaching Award. After voting by fellow residents and faculty, Jennifer Pincus, MD, was selected as the 2013 winner for the resident award. Von Samedi, MD, was selected for the 2013 faculty teaching award. Congratulations to Dr. Pincus and Dr. Samedi!

Previous Resident Award winners include:

  • Nichole Steidler, MD, 2012
  • Devon Chabot Richards, MD, 2011
  • Kelly Devers, MD, 2010
  • Corinne Stephenson, MD and Bharathi Vennapusa, MD, 2009

Previous Faculty Teaching Award winners include:

  • Sara Koenig, MD, 2012
  • Edgar Fischer, MD, 2011
  • Joseph Glass, MD, 2010
  • Lesley Lomo, MD, 2009