Outstanding Educator: Kathryn Foucar, M.D.

March 6, 2013 - Department of Pathology

photo of kathryn foucar

The University of New Mexico Graduate Medical Education (UNM GME) office recognized Dr. Kathy Foucar with an Outstanding Educator award for her service as the Hematopathology Fellowship Director. Dr. Foucar has long been recognized as a leader in resident and fellow education in the Department of Pathology, and her leadership translated into excellence in the education of medical students, residents and fellows throughout the UNM Health System. The GME office showed appreciation for her commitment and hard work, as Dr. Foucar steps down from her role as the Hematopathology Fellowship Director. Of course, all now look forward to working with Dr. Tracy George as the new Hematopathology Fellowship Director. Congratulations, Dr. Foucar!