UNM Pathology Department Trainees Presented 10 Projects at the U.S. & Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) Meeting, in Vancouver BC, Canada

March 17, 2012 - Department of Pathology

Our residents, fellows, and post-sophomore fellows had a very good showing at the USCAP meeting this week with 10 presented posters that highlighted their projects conducted in the Department of Pathology and within TriCore Reference Laboratories. These presentations represent significant work by the trainees and their faculty mentors. The authors also appreciated critical guidance and assistance provided by UNM and TriCore staff members. Dr. Jim Gale and Gwyneth Olson, co-authors below, and Michael Grady, poster preparer extraordinaire, are examples of the many staff members who contribute to these trainee projects. Our resident, fellow, post-sophomore fellow and medical student names are bolded in the poster list below.

  1. Michael Reyes, K Reyes, B Paine, R Barnhill, and M Berwick. "Nevus density may affect melanoma survival."

  2. Megan Fitzpatrick, Francine Leech, David Meredith, R Quinn, and T Bocklage. “Karyotyping of myofibroblastic/fibroblastic tumors: Continuing usefulness of standard cytogenetic methods in detecting novel genetic findings and confirming the histologic diagnosis."

  3. Giovanni Insuasti-Beltran and K Reichard. "Detection of ALK gene rearrangements in pulmonary adenocarcinoma by FISH: Assess for typical and atypical abnormal patterns."

  4. Nichole Steidler, J Gale, and M Vasef. "Analysis of IDH1 and ADH2 mutations in myeloid neoplasms using archived bone marrow frozen cell pellet and pyrosequencing technology."

  5. Parisa Khalili, Devon Chabot-Richards, J Gale, and M Vasef. "BRAF V600E mutation is consistently absent in hairy cell leukemia variant: A retrospective analysis using pyrosequencing."

  6. Devon Chabot-Richards, Micaiah Evans, O Myers, K Foucar, and Q-Y Zhang. "DBA.44 positivity is predictive of hairy cell leukemia variant over splenic marginal zone lymphoma when classic hairy cell leukemia is excluded."

  7. Charlene Hellman, C Krinsky, S Lathrop, and M Vasef. "Does genotyping for warfarin sensitivity save lives?" This poster won the prize for best autopsy related poster!!

  8. Joshua Coleman, G Olson, J Gale, K Hunt, and M Vasef. “Immunoglobulin heavy chain variable region (IGHV) somatic hypermutation analysis of bitypic CLL/SLL cases detects prognostically different clones with different variable region segment usage."

  9. Sam Reynolds, David Meredith, Francine Leech, R Quinn, Michael Marcus, B Schmit, and T Bocklage. "Dedifferentiated liposarcoma of the extremities: Relative incidence compared with atypical lipomatous tumors of the extremities, and clinicopathologic features including two cases with morphology of so-called ‘inflammatory MFH’.”

  10. Nichole Steidler, Giovanni Insuasti-Beltran, R Schrader, and K Reichard. "Utilization of MYC immunohistochemistry in aggressive B-cell lymphomas to predict an underlying MYC gene rearrangement: A pilot study."