Foucar selected as recipient of Gold-Headed Cane Award for 2011

September 1, 2011 - Department of Pathology

Dr. Kathy Foucar was selected as the School of Medicine (SOM) recipient of the Gold-Headed Cane Award for 2011. Dr. Foucar received this prestigious award for her long term excellence in clinical service, teaching, scholarly accomplishments, and professionalism. Dr. Foucar was only the second SOM winner of this award. In 2010, Dr. Paul Turner of Neurosurgery received the first UNM Gold-Headed Cane.

Gold‐Headed Canes in medicine date from an era when they were the universal symbol of the profession. The passage of one particular cane, from John Radcliffe to Richard Mead to Anthony Askew to William Pitcairn to David Pitcairn, and finally, to Matthew Baillie in the 18th and early 19th centuries, came to define the Gold‐Headed Cane as a symbol of the highest degree of excellence in the medical profession. Since the retirement of that particular Gold‐Headed Cane – now in the museum of the Royal College of Physicians in London – many medical schools and professional societies have adopted the awarding of such a cane as a symbol of attainment of those qualities of head, heart, and hands that exemplify the best of the medical profession.

Dr. Foucar was presented with her award at the UNM School of Medicine's Promotion and Tenure Ceremony on October 6, 2011. Congratulations to Dr. Foucar! The Pathology faculty prediction was that Dr. Foucar would be about 95 years old before she would need to begin using it.

Gold Headed Cane Lecture Kathryn Foucar M.D., 5.18.12 University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Pathology Department.