B.S. Degree Prerequisites

Steps in the application process

All stiudents interested in the MLS program must:

  1. meet with the MLS program advisor on North Campus as soon as possible
  2. meet all pre-requisite course requirements and GPA
  3. submit application to MLS program by deadlines
  4. participate in MLS interview

Note: This includes MLTs

Financial Aid Information

For information regarding financial aid for incoming Medical Laboratory Sciences students, please contact the School of Medicine Financial Aid Office located in Room 147 in the Basic Medical Sciences Building on North Campus. The New Mexico Commission on Higher Education provides applications available for Health Professional Loan-for-Service (annual deadline July 1st) and Health Professional Loan Repayment (annual deadline May 1st). For more information regarding these and other programs, you may contact the NMCHE by calling their toll free number (1-800-279-9777), e-mailing highered@che.state.nm.us or visiting their website: www.nmche.org


UNM Medical Laboratory Sciences Requirements for B.S. Degree: Freshman and Sophomore Prerequisites

Pre-Medical Laboratory Sciences Program Requirements. At least 66 or 69 hours of undergraduate credit must be earned before entering the Medical Laboratory Sciences Program. A grade of C or better must be earned in all required courses. Seminar and remedial courses are not acceptable toward the requirements. Our requirements in the areas of communication skills, management and the Core Curriculum must consist of 3 credit hour courses.

Biological Sciences 

16 semester hours to include:
General: Biol 123 & 124L or [Biol 201 & 202]
Cell Biology: Biol 201
Anatomy & Physiology: Biol 237 + 238 
Microbiology: Biol 239L or [Biol 351 + 352L]


Competence in writing English as determined by the English department.
English 110 or 111/112 or 113: Composition I
English 120: Composition II
(English 101/102 still acceptable)


12 semester hours to include:
General: Chem 121L/123L + 122/124L
Organic or Biochemistry: Chem 301 + 303L OR Chem 212

Interpersonal Communication Skills

1 course from the following:
C & J 221 Interpersonal Communication
C & J 225 Small Group Communication


Minimum of 2 courses to include:
College Algebra: MATH 121
Higher Math or Statistics: STAT 145 is recommended

Management Theory 

1 course from the following on general management theory:
Mgt 113 Management: An Introduction OR
BA 1101 Principles of Management at CNMCC

Computer Science   

1 course from the following:
CS 150L Computing for Business Students OR
IT 1010 Introduction to Computers at CNMCC

UNM Core Curriculum Requirements

Social & Behavioral Sciences: 2 courses
Humanities: 2 courses
Second language: 1 course
Fine Arts: 1 course