B.S. Degree Curriculum

The Bachelor of Science in the Medical Laboratory Sciences degree program follows the required two and one-half pre-professional years in college, with a four semester curriculum that begins each Fall or Spring semester. In addition to tuition, students will be responsible for fees covering housing, books and other usual school expenses. Fees are subject to change in any semester. Students are responsible for transportation fees to and from clinical rotations at off-campus sites.

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Spring (1st admission: January)

MEDL 320/321L/420L: Basic and Advanced Clinical Hematology & Hemostasis
MEDL 340/440L: Basic and Advanced Immunohematology
MEDL 432L: Clinical Parasitology 
MEDL 445: Clinical Lab Management
MEDL 475: Interdisciplinary Case Studies (Optional)


MEDL 300L: Introduction to Medical Laboratory Sciences
MEDL 315L: Clinical Serology
MEDL 234: Introduction to Clinical Immunology
MEDL 350L: Clinical Urinalysis

Fall (2nd admission: August)

MEDL 310/311L/410L: Introduction to and Advanced Clinical Chemistry
MEDL 330/331L: Introduction to Clinical Microbiology
MEDL 430/431L: Advanced Clinical Microbiology

Clinical Rotations: [In Fall or Spring]

MEDL 351: Basic Clinical Chemistry
MEDL 352: Basic Clinical Hematology
MEDL 355: Clinical Urinalysis and Phlebotomy
MEDL 451: Advanced Clinical Chemistry
MEDL 452: Advanced Clinical Hematology and Hemostasis
MEDL 453: Clinical Microbiology
MEDL 454: Clinical Immunohematology

The MLS program is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences

NAACLS: 5600 N. River Rd. Suite 720
Rosemont, IL 60018-5119
Telephone: 773-714-8880