Kevin C. O'Hair, D.V.M.

photo of Kevin C. O'Hair

Professor CE

Director, Animal Resource Facility

Campus Attending Veterinarian

New Mexico VA Veterinary Medical Consultant

Lab Website: The O'Hair Laboratory


  • Laboratory animal medicine programs
  • Comprehensive AAALAC accredited animal care and use program
  • Animal models for research relating to infectious diseases, cancer, imaging, neuroscience, and environmental health

Education and Certification Information

Residency in Laboratory Animal Medicine
Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
Washington, D.C.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, Oklahoma

Bachelor of Science (Agriculture)
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, Oklahoma

American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine, Diplomate

Selected Publications:

  • Nolte KB, Stewart DM, O’Hair KC, Gannon WL, Briggs MS, Barron AM, Pointer J, Larson RS: Speaking the Right Language: The Scientific Method as a Framework for a Continuous Quality Improvement Program Within Academic Medical Research Compliance Units. Academic Medicine, 83:941:948, 2008.

  • St. Pierre P, Olson EJ, Elliott JJ, O’Hair KC, McKinney LA, Popovic N, Ryan J. Tendon Healing to Cortical Bone Compared with Healing to a Cancellous Trough. Journal of Bone and Joint, 77-A(12), 1858-1866, 1995.

  • Gehlbach DL, O’Hair KC, Parks AL, Rosa C. Combined effects of tissue plasminogen activator and carboxymethylcellulose on adhesion reformation in rabbits. International Journal of Fertility & Menopausal Studies, 39(3):172-6, 1994.

  • Soisson AP, O’Hair K, Harris RA, Miles P, Casey T, Diaz-Ball F. A new ureteral anastomotic device: the Unilink system. A pilot using the porcine model. American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology 171(3):856-61,1994.

  • Enriquez J, Schydlower M, O’Hair K, Keniston R, Nadjem M, Delgado I. Effect of Vitamin B6 Supplementation on Gentamicin Nephrotoxicity in Rabbits. Veterinary and Human Toxicology, 34(1):32-35,1992.

  • Monsivais JJ, Cordts PR, O’Hair KC, Moreno AJ. Vascularized and Nonvascularized Parathyroid Gland Transfer: A Comparative Study. Microsurgery, 13(5):262-7, 1992.

  • Bilello J, O’Hair K, Kirby W. Moore J. Intraosseous infusion of Dobutamine and Isoproterenol. American Journal of Diseases of Children, 145(2):165-7,1991.

  • Vinsel PJ, Moore GP, O’Hair KC. Comparison of Intraosseous Versus Intravenous Loading of Phenytoin in Pigs and Effect on Bone Marrow. American Journal of Emergency Medicine, 8(3):181-3, 1990.

  • O’Hair KC, Dodd KT, Phillips YY, Beattie RJ. Cardiopulmonary Effects of Nalbuphine HCL and Butorphanol Tartrate in Sheep. Laboratory Animal Science, 38(1):58-61,1988.

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