Dario Marchetti, Ph.D.


Professor, Department of Internal Medicine

Professor, Department of Pathology

Email: DMarchetti@salud.unm.edu


  • Tumor and molecular biology

Education and Certification Information

Doctor of Biology
The University of Pavia
Pavia, Italy

Diploma di Maturita' Scientifica
“G. Marinelli” Scientific Liceum
Udine, Italy

Selected Publications:

  • Vishnoi M.V., Liu H.N., Boral D., Yin W., Scamardo A., Hong, D., and Marchetti D. The identification of a TNBC liver metastasis signature by sequential CTC-xenograft modelling. Molecular Oncology, 13(9), 1913-26, 2019.

  • Sprouse M.L., Welte T., Boral D., Liu H.N., Yin W., Vishnoi M.V., Li L., Goswami-Sewell D., Pei G., Jia P., Glitza-Oliva I.C., and Marchetti D. PMN-MDSCs enhance CTC metastatic properties through reciprocal interactions via ROS/Notch/Nodal Nodal signaling. Int. Journ. Mol. Sciences (Selected for the Special Issue: “Tumor Cell Invasion and Metastases”), 20(8): 1-21, 2019.

  • Vishnoi M.V., Boral D. , Liu H.N., Sprouse M.L., Yin W., Goswami-Sewell D., Davies M.A., Tetzlaff M., Glitza Oliva I.C., and Marchetti D. Targeting USP7 identifies a metastasis-competent state within BM-resident melanoma CTCs. Cancer Research, 78(18): 5349-5362, 2018. Selected as one of six Breaking Insights - Highlights from recent cancer literature. Cancer Research, 78 (20): 5722, 2018.

  • Liu Y., Choi D.S., Liang D.H., Ensor J.E., Shen J., Rodriguez-Aguayo C., Polley A., Benz S., Elemento O., Verma A., Cong Y., Wong H., Qian W., Marchetti D., et al. HN1L promotes triple-negative breast cancer stem cells through LEPR-STAT3 pathway. Stem Cell Reports, 64(2): 251-253, 2018.

  • Boral D., Vishnoi M., Liu H.N., Yin W., Sprouse M.L., Scamardo A., Hong D.S., Tan T.Z., Thiery J.P., Chang J.C., and Marchetti D. Molecular characterization of breast cancer CTCs associated with brain metastasis. Nature Communications, 8:196-206, 2017. Selected for Highlights and Commentary: Brain metastasis detectable in CTCs. Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, doi: 10.1038/nrclinonc.2017.138, 2017.

  • Vishnoi M., Peddibohtla S., Yin W., Scamardo A., Goldy G., Hong D.S., and Marchetti D. The characterization of CTC subsets relating to markers of breast cancer dormancy. Scientific Reports (a Nature group journal), Dec.3; 5:17533, doi: 10.10381, 2015.

  • Caruana I., Savoldo B., Hoyos V., Weber G., Liu H., Kim E.S., Ittmann M.M., Marchetti D. and Dotti GP. Heparanase promotes tumor infiltration and antitumor activity of CAR-redirected T-lymphocytes. Nature Medicine, 2015 Apr 13. doi: 10.1038/nm.3833. [Epub ahead of print], 2015. Selected for Highlights and Commentary: Heparanase augments the Infiltration and Activity of CAR-T Cells, Cancer Discovery, June 2015, 5:573; doi:10.1158/2159-8290.CD-RW2015-076.

  • Zhang L., Ngo J., Wetzel M.A., and Marchetti, D. Heparanase mediates a novel mechanism in lapatinib-resistant brain metastatic breast cancer. Neoplasia, 17(1): 101-113, 2015.

  • Guerrero P., Yin W., Camacho L., and Marchetti, D. Oncogenic role of Merlin/NF2 in glioblastoma. Oncogene, 2014 Jul 21. doi: 10.1038/onc.2014.185, 2014.

  • Camacho L., Guerrero P., and Marchetti, D. MicroRNA and protein profiling of brain metastasis competent cell-derived exosomes. PLoS One, 16; 8(9): e73790, 2013.(Top 10% most cited PLoS ONE articles - June 2017).