Informatics Service


  • Associated with TriCore Reference Laboratories- with associated multi hospital and outpatient database. Can track patient laboratory results across multiple healthcare entities statewide.

  • Provides the primary care physician with access to comprehensive laboratory results for their patient.


Contact information:

Name: Matthew Luke, M.D.
Title: Associate Professor
Professional Phone number: 505-272-3063
Professional Email address:

Notable accomplishments: Sabbatical at University of Pittsburgh on Informatics

Professional Memberships:

  • College of American Pathologists, Member and Inspector
  • American Association of Clinical Chemists


  • To develop synoptic reporting of laboratory results on emergency visitation. Synoptic report would provide summary of the patient's recent and historic laboratory information to the emergency room physician.

  • To limit duplicate laboratory testing across multiple hospital systems.

  • To maintain timely, reliable, quality reporting of laboratory results

  • To train Pathology residents in Informatics