Masters Degree Program in Clinical Laboratory Science

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I take this program part-time?

Yes, you can take the program part-time as long as you arrange with you chosen lab or education facility to do your project within a 2 year span of time.

2. Going to school full time, does this mean I can’t work?

We are encouraging the currently employed MLS/CLS to decrease their hours. However, we feel that the program is ‘doable’ while still working. The core curriculum is not as time consuming as the undergraduate program is.

3. Is there a thesis/paper involved?

No, this is a professional master’s program in which we expect you to put together a project, present it at a national conference and to your committee (project) as part of the terms for your successful completion of the degree. The projects are conceived by the lab/educational facility that you are working in and the student. They must be put into written form after the 2nd semester and approved by your committee.

The following is a typical full time student schedule:

Year One:

*Biomed 507/508: Adv Molecular Bio 1 and 2: 8 Credits
*Biomed 555: Problem Based Research Bioethics: 1 Credit
*MEDL 600: Selection of laboratory: 1 Credit
*BIOC 545: Intensive Introductory Biochemistry: 4 Credits
MEDL 500: Pathology Seminar: Selected Topics: 1 Credit

*MEDL 600: Selection of laboratory, begin apprenticeship: 1 Credit
Fulfill Required Skill List for particular lab
*MEDL 500: Pathology Seminar: Selected Topics: 1 Credit


*MEDL 600: Apprenticeship: 2 Credits
*MEDL 550: Clinical Lab Management Topics Course: 1 Credit

Year Two:

*Stat 538: Biostatistical Methods 1: 3 Credits
*MEDL 600: Apprenticeship continues: 4 Credits
**Electives: hours taken from list below: 6 Credits
Presentation of Final Project (Master’s Exam)
*Core Courses



Biomed 522 (3): Experimental design and methods in Molecular/Cellular
Chem 566 (3): Spectroscopy
Biology 547 (4): Advanced Techniques in Light Microscopy (SP)


Biomed 509 (3): Principles of Neurobiology
Biomed 532 (3): Neurochemistry (offered even years/F)
Biomed 533 (4): Neurophysiology and Neuroanatomy (offered odd years/F) Pre-req: BIOM 509
Biomed 535 (1): Neuroscience Seminar

Cell Biology/Physiology:

Biomed 510 (3): Physiology (SP)
Biomed 515 (3): Cancer Biology
Biomed 516 (3): Molecular Genetics and Genomics
PH RM/Biomed 580 (2): General Toxicology
Biology 544 (4): Genomes and Genomic Analyses (F)
Biology 510 (4): Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics
Biology 445/545 (3): Biology of Toxins (SP) Pre-req: BIOL 204L

Immunology/Infectious Disease:

Biomed 514 (3): Immunobiology (SP)
Biomed 652 (2): Immunopathogenesis

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