Zhihui Wang, Ph.D.

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Research Assistant Professor

Email: ZWang@salud.unm.edu
Lab Website: The Cristini and Wang Laboratory

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  • Multiscale modeling of cancer
  • Cell signaling
  • Drug target discovery
  • Molecular imaging

Education and Certification Information

Post Doctoral Fellowships
Research Fellow with Thomas S. Deisboeck
Massachusetts General Hospital

Research Fellow with Yasushi Okuno
Kyoto University, Japan

Biomedical Engineering
Niigata University, Japan

Information and Computer Engineering
Niigata University, Japan

Mathematics and Mechanics
Hunan University, China

Selected Publications:

  • Jennifer Pascal, Elaine L Bearer, Zhihui Wang, Eugene J. Koay, Steven A. Curley, and Vittorio Cristini. "Mechanistic patient-specific predictive correlation of tumor drug response with microenvironment and perfusion measurements". PNAS. August 12, 2013. epublished www.pnas.org/cgi/doi/10.1073/pnas.1300619110

  • Das H*, Wang Z*, Niazi K, Aggarwal R, Lu J, Kanji S, Das M, Joseph M, Gurcan M, and Cristini V. Impact of Diffusion Barriers to Small Cytotoxic Molecules on the Efficacy of Immunotherapy in Breast Cancer. (PLoS One; In press) (*co-1st author)

  • Wang Z, Bordas V, Sagotsky J, Deisboeck TS. 2012. Identifying therapeutic targets in a combined EGFR-TGFβR signalling cascade using a multiscale agent-based cancer model. Mathematical medicine and biology 29:95-108.

  • Wang Z, Bordas V, Deisboeck TS. 2011. Identification of critical molecular components in a multiscale cancer model based on the integration of Monte Carlo, resampling, and ANOVA. Front. Physio 2:35

  • Deisboeck TS*, Wang Z*, Macklin P, Cristini V. 2011. Multiscale cancer modeling. Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering 13:127-55. (*co-1st author)

  • Wang Z, Bordas V, Deisboeck TS. 2011. Discovering molecular targets in cancer with multiscale modeling. Drug Development Research 72: 45-52.

  • Wang Z, Birch CM, Sagotsky J, Deisboeck TS. 2009. Cross-scale, cross-pathway evaluation using an agent-based non-small cell lung cancer model. Bioinformatics 25:2389-96

  • Zhang L, Strouthos CG, Wang Z, Deisboeck TS. 2009. Simulating brain tumor heterogeneity with a multiscale agent-based model: Linking molecular signatures, phenotypes and expansion rate. Mathematical and Computer Modeling 49:307-19

  • Wang Z, Birch CM, Deisboeck TS. 2008. Cross-scale sensitivity analysis of a non-small cell lung cancer model: linking molecular signaling properties to cellular behavior. Bio Systems 92:249-58

  • Wang Z, Deisboeck TS. 2008. Computational modeling of brain tumors: discrete, continuum or hybrid? Scientific Modeling and Simulation 15:381-93

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