Leslie Danielson, Ph.D.

photo of Leslie Danielson

Associate Professor Emerita, Medical Laboratory Science

Email: ldanielson@salud.unm.edu


  • Matrix changes in kidney structure during aging
  • Matrix degradation properties of the Relaxin hormone
  • Pregnant/Aging Vessels
  • Examination of renal vessels during pregnancy/aging
  • Role of Relaxin in stimulating stem cells in a model of polycystic kidney disease

Education and Certification Information

Doctor of Philosophy
Biomedical Sciences, Dept of Biochemistry and Physiology
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Bachelor of Science Degree
Medical Technology
University of Colorado Medical Canter
Denver, Colorado

Bachelor of Arts Degree
Biology/Chemistry Education
University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado

Selected Publications:

  • McGuane JT, Danielson LA, Debrah JE, Rubin JP, Novak J, and KP Conrad. Angiogenic Growth Factors Are New and Essential Players in the Relaxin Vasodilatory Pathway in Rodents and Humans Hypertension. 57:1151-1160, 2011.

  • Danielson LA, Kempaiah P, Barry M and W Kisiel: Comparative Effects of Aprotinin and Human Recombinant R24K KD1 on Temporal Renal Function in Long Evans Rats. Am Soc Pharm and Exp Therapeutics (JPET) 331: 3 September 2009

  • Smith M.C., Danielson L.A., Conrad K.P., and Davison J.M.; Influence of recombinant human relaxin on renal haemodynamics in humans. J Am Soc Nephrol. 17:3192-7, 2006.

  • Danielson LA, Harris A, Welford A. Relaxin Function and Histology in aging Munich Wistar rats. JASN 2006; 17: 1325 – 1333.

  • Kerchner LJ, Novak J, Hanley-Yanez K, Doty KD, Danielson LA, Conrad KP: Evidence against the hypothesis that endothelial endothelin B receptor expression is regulated by relaxin and pregnancy. Endocrinology. 2005 Jun; 146(6):2791-7. Epub 2005 Mar 10.

  • Conrad KP, Debrah DO, Novak J, Danielson LA and S Shroff: Relaxin modifies both the steady and pulsatile arterial loads in conscious, nonpregnant rats, Endocrinology 145(7):3289-3296, 2004

  • Conrad KP, Debrah DO, Novak J, Danielson LA and S Shroff: Effects of Relaxin on Systemic Arterial Menodynamics and Mechanical Properties in Conscious Rats: Gender Dependency and Dose Response. Journal of Applied Physiology. Manuscript Number: JAP-00847-2004, July 2004

  • Danielson LA, Jeyabalan A, Novak J, Kerchner LJ, and KP Conrad. Vascular matrix metalloproteinases(s) mediates renal vasodilation and hyperfiltration in relaxin-treated rats. Circ Res 93:1549-1557, December 2003

  • Danielson LA and Conrad KP: Time course and dose response of relaxin-mediated renal vasodilation, hyperfiltration and changes in plasma osmolality in conscious rats. J. Appl. Physiol. 95’ 1509-1514, October 2003

  • Danielson LA, Noval JN, Kerchner LJ, Sherwood OD, Ramirez RJ, Moak PA, Conrad KP, Relaxin is the “elusive” renal vasodilator of pregnancy in conscious rats. J. Clin. Invest 107 June 2001.

  • Danielson LA, Kerchner LJ, Conrad KP. Impact of gender and endothelin on renal vasodilation and hyperfiltration induced by relaxin in conscious rats. Am J. Physiol, 279:R1298-R1304, May 2000

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