Diane S. Lidke, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor

Email: DLidke@salud.unm.edu
Lab Website: The Lidke Laboratory

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  • Molecular mechanisms of signal transduction
  • Quantitative fluorescence microscopy

Education and Certification Information

Biophysical Sciences and Medical Physics
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln
Graduated with High Distinction

Selected Publications:

  • PJ Cutler, MD Malik, S Liu, JM Byars, DS Lidke and KA Lidke. “Multi-color quantum dot tracking using a high-speed hyperspectral line-scanning microscope.” PLoS One. 8: e64320 (2013)

  • M.M. Pryor, S.T. Low-Nam*, A.M. Halasz, D.S. Lidke, B.S. Wilson and J.S. Edwards. “Dynamic Transition States of ErbB1 Phosphorylation Predicted by Spatial Stochastic Modeling.” Biophysical Journal, 105: p. 1533-1543 (2013)

  • TC Lund, AJ Kobs, A Kramer, M Nyquist, MT Kuroki, J Osborn, DS Lidke, ST Low-Nam, BR Blazar and J Tolar. Bone marrow stromal and vascular smooth muscle cells have chemosensory capacity via bitter taste receptor expression. PLoS One. 8: e58945 (2013)

  • K van den Dries, SL Schwartz, J Byars, MB Meddens, M Bolomini-Vittori, DS Lidke, CG Figdor, KA Lidke and A Cambi. Dual-color superresolution microscopy reveals nanoscale organization of mechanosensory podosomes. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 24: 2112-2123 (2013)

  • Cambi and D.S. Lidke. “Nanoscale Membrane Organization: Where Biochemistry Meets Advanced Microscopy.” An invited review for ACS Chemical Biology. 7: 139-149 (2012)

  • D.S. Lidke and K.A. Lidke. “Advances in high-resolution imaging - techniques for three-dimensional imaging of cellular structures.” An invited review for Journal of Cell Science. 125:2571-2580 (2012).

  • Carroll-Portillo, Z. Surviladze, A. Cambi, D.S. Lidke, and B.S. Wilson. “Mast cell synapses and exosomes: membrane contacts for information exchange.” Frontiers in Immunology. 3:46 (2012)

  • K. Spendier, K.A. Lidke, D.S. Lidke, and J.L. Thomas. “Single-particle tracking of immunoglobulin E receptors (Fc epsilon RI) in micron-sized clusters and receptor patches.” FEBS Letters. 586: 426-421 (2012)

  • F.A. Espinoza, M.J. Wester, J.M. Oliver, B.S. Wilson, N.L. Andrews, D.S. Lidke, and S.L. Steinberg. “Insights into Cell Membrane Microdomain Organization from Live Cell Single Particle Tracking of the IgE High Affinity Receptor Fc epsilon RI of Mast Cells.” Bulletin of Mathematical Biology. 74:1857-1911 (2012)

  • S.T. Low-Nam, K.A. Lidke, P.J. Cutler, R.C. Roovers, P.M.P. van Bergen en Henegouwen, B.S. Wilson, D.S. Lidke. “ErbB1 dimerization is promoted by domain co-confinement and stabilized by ligand.” Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. 18:1244 (2011)

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