Clinical Chemistry


The Clinical Chemistry service provides state of the art diagnostic tests. The Chemistry service is shared between TriCore Reference Laboratories (TriCore) and the University of New Mexico Hospital (UNMH).  Board certified pathologists from UNMH and from Pathology Associates of Albuquerque lead the Clinical Chemistry service. Chemistry services are available 24 hrs. /day and 7 days/week.  TriCore handles more than 60% of all laboratory testing in New Mexico and performs over 7.5 million tests per year.


  • Clinical Chemistry at the UNMH provides laboratory support for a broad range of inpatients at University Hospital. The chemistry instruments are integrated onto a single track with a robotic automation system, which uses barcode technology and electronic tracking to decrease the risk of specimen labeling errors while maintaining rapid, consistent turnaround times.

  • The UNMH Laboratory is designed to optimize inpatient testing and offers the majority of serum chemistry tests that require prompt turnaround times including basic and complete metabolic panels, liver function tests, blood gases, cardiac markers, and drugs of abuse screening tests.

  • The Clinical Pathologists and residents in Pathology are actively involved in hospital committees including the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Advisory Group, the Hospital Quality Committee, and groups overseeing point of care testing.

  • Clinical Chemistry is an essential component of our pathology residents’ Clinical Pathology training program. We encourage the residents to interact with the clinical staff and to attend numerous clinical conferences to help field laboratory questions from the Housestaff. A senior resident fills the “Acting Medical Director” rotation for advanced training in Clinical Chemistry and physician consultations.

Contact information:

Board certified pathologists on the service include:

Devon Chabot-Richards, M.D.
Assistant Professor

Michael Crossey, M.D., Ph.D.
Clinical Pathologist, TriCore Reference Laboratories

Matthew Luke, M.D.
Associate Professor

Glynnis Ingall, M.D., Ph.D.

Aaron Pritchard
Clinical Assistant Professor